Miguel Piedrafita

I'm a 16-year-old who loves coding and helping others

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I do a lot of things. I've contributed to over 500 open-source projects in the last two years. I've started an open-source project used by more than 3500 users and maintain a free hosted version people can use for free. I spent a year building a SaaS application, then made it free for every open-source project ever. I'm also building a startup with two other teenagers, and maintain a code community where only teenagers can participate. Of course, I also have to do my homework, study for exams, hang out with friends and live the normal life a normal teenager would live.

While doing these things itself is extremely rewarding for me, I want to make a living out of my work at some point, and starting a Liberapay page seems like a good starting point for me. This way, I can walk towards my dream of making a living from what I love while still learning, having fun, trying out new things and do what I've been doing the last three years.

Wanna help me in my journey?


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Tasks 85 9 か月前 に更新

Simple tasks & notes manager written in PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap using a custom flat file database.

miguelpiedrafita.com 2 1 年前 に更新

My personal website

gh-contributed 0 2 年前 に更新

A microservice to get GitHub repositories you've contributed to

python-course 0 3 年前 に更新

Notes from my Python course @ FireTech

ghost-client (フォーク) 0 1 年前 に更新

A client that helps you to get data from the Ghost API.



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