MNT Research

We are developing libre hardware and software.

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声明 英語

We apply research and design methods to all levels of computing, from the electronics to operating systems, applications and networks. We acknowledge the deeper history of computing and study its embodiments from wearables and smart textiles to workstations and servers.

We believe that computers should not be devices for corporate data collection on people's lives. Instead, computers should empower people and give them exclusive control over their information.

We are making this a reality by creating our own libre hardware, software and wearables.

Our current main project is MNT Reform, a repair- and DIY-friendly, mostly-libre (as far as currently possible) laptop. It will soon be crowd funded via Crowd Supply. Another product that we are now shipping is ZZ9000, an open-source graphics card for Amiga computers based on ZYNQ 7020 FPGA.


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