Adults Mathematics Teacher. Looking for non-magisterial activities and their integration in class

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About me

I'm math secondary teacher working in adults school in Mallorca (Spain). The levels that I teach are secondary school equivalent courses and preparation for taking exams to university and vocational training admission.

I'm convinced magisterial classes are not working. So we need another way of doing them. Actually I try to design {problem-based learning}-itineraries in classroom using:

  • "What do you notice? What do you wonder?" discussions among students
  • 3 acts operas for introducing a concept or a procedure
  • Social learning: a group of students teach another group.

Ideally I want to implement a pure problem-based learning class, without separating topics in math: just pose problems and solve however students want. Nowadays I just use problems for instroducing new topics. Also, I assess my students by additive assessment.

What I want money for

  • For hosting costs of my site in which I share activities, thoughts, etc. I need just $1,25/week for this concept.
  • For making new activities and materials, which I released under Creative Commons BY 4.0 License. To achieve my aim, I need a lot of activities.


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