Liberapay の資金源は何ですか?
Liberapay は Liberapay 上の寄付で成り立っています。
1 回限りの寄付はできるのでしょうか?
Liberapay は長期にわたる安定した資金源となるように設計しているため、継続的な寄付しか受け付けていません。
Liberapay とその他の継続的なクラウドファンディングサイト、例えば Patreon との違いは何ですか?
  1. Liberapay は寄付に限定しています。つまり何らかの契約や見返りの約束と結びつくことはありません。
  2. Liberapay is an open project structured around a non-profit organization, which sets it apart from commercial platforms like Patreon and Tipeee.
  3. We care about internationalization, our service supports multiple currencies and is translated into many languages (you can contribute).

If you'd like more details, the folks have compiled a big list of crowdfunding platforms and the differences between them.

Liberapay は財政規則を遵守していますか?
Yes. Liberapay is based in France and complies with the European Union's financial regulations. Our payment processors are all properly licensed, and they help us block fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing.
How do I know that my donation won't go to an impostor?
You can usually check the authenticity of a Liberapay profile by looking at the social accounts connected to it. Only someone who controls a social account can connect it to a Liberapay profile, because the process includes an authentication step. You can also look for a link to a Liberapay profile in a project's official website. Finally if you have doubts about a specific account you can ask us and we'll look into it.
How do I know that my pledges won't be claimed by an impostor?
A pledge is linked to an account on another platform (e.g. GitHub) and it can only be claimed by someone who controls this account.
“グローバル” ページをご覧ください。
The available payment methods depend on which payment processors are supported by the recipient. If a payment is processed by Stripe, then most credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted, as well as SEPA Direct Debits (for Euro donations only). If a payment is through PayPal, then it's possible to pay in various ways, however the donor needs to have or create a PayPal account.
The fees vary by payment processor, payment method, countries and currencies. The average is expected to be below 5% in all cases.
How are chargebacks handled?
If despite our fraud prevention efforts you receive money whose origin is revealed to be fraudulent, it falls on you to pay it back.
Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can give or receive?
The minimum you can give any user is $0.01 per week, but in order to minimize processing fees you will be asked to pay for multiple weeks in advance.
The maximum you can give any one user is $100.00 per week. This helps to stabilize income by reducing how dependent it is on a few large patrons.
Liberapay で受け取った収入は課税の対象になりますか?
We don't know, it's up to you to figure out your country's tax rules.
Liberapay での寄付は所得から控除できますか?
Liberapay used to hold the funds of donors in wallets, but we no longer do that. Instead the full amount of a donation is immediately transferred to the recipient.
“支払日” とは何ですか?

Payday is a program (this one) that we run every Wednesday. It executes donations and notifies donors and recipients.