Liberapay は 3 年前前に開始され、現在のユーザー数は 14,320 人です。

The last payday was 7 hours ago and transferred €1,530.01 between 1,507 users.
1,171 participants gave money.
386 participants received money.
50 participants were both donors and recipients.

On average, people who donate give €0.79 each to 2 other users.


Liberapay において利用されている個人または組織アカウントの数


Liberapay 内でお金を寄付したり受け取ったりしたユーザー(1 週間あたり)

Weekly Donations

The sum of active donations for each week, expressed in EUR.

Donor Debits

The sum of charges processed during each week, expressed in EUR.