Scientific Researcher and FOSS contributor

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Namaste! I am a scientific computing researcher who has published papers, spoken at conferences and is an active FOSS contributor with interests in computational science, ML and life sciences.


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Julia.jl 887 今週更新

Curated decibans of Julia programming language.

pythonidae 736 3 週間前 に更新

Curated decibans of scientific programming resources in Python.

yaksha 7 7 か月前 に更新

Personal linux automation for ansible playbooks, dockerfiles, dotfiles, scripts and random daemons!

jna 2 2 年前 に更新

Conference talks, workshop presentations & slides, Jupyter notebooks...

aksh 22 3 年前 に更新

My personal bibliography of STEM resources and grey literature.

devya 1 3 年前 に更新

Development sandbox and random WIP code ... Don't use!

diversity-index 52 4 年前 に更新

A curated Diversity-Index of grants, scholarships and FA that encourages diversity in STEM fields aimed at half the world's population, Women!

pyladies-dojo 3 6 年前 に更新

Pyladies-BLR hacking on all things Python.

PyData-Workshop-Sprint 5 7 年前 に更新

PyData Workshop-Sprint 2012 at NYC



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